NO POLITICS: George Seymour has stressed his membership of the ALP will have no influence in council decisions if elected mayor.
NO POLITICS: George Seymour has stressed his membership of the ALP will have no influence in council decisions if elected mayor. Alistair Brightman

Party politics will be out of council: Seymour

GEORGE Seymour has pledged not to allow his personal allegiance to the Labor Party interfere with the council if he is elected mayor tomorrow.

But the Fraser Coast mayoral candidate did not rule out supporting party campaigns in coming elections as a private citizen, saying he was still entitled to his political views outside the council.

Cr Seymour, who has spent about three years as the council's deputy mayor, said being a member of the ALP did not impact his role as a councillor over his six-year term.

He said he was a member of a number of different community organisations and had shown he was "very good at working with people of all persuasions" during this time.

"I actually enjoy bridging the political divide and getting people of different views to work together for our community," Cr Seymour said.

Last year, Cr Seymour campaigned for Labor candidate Adrian Tantari during the State Election in November.

He previously worked in the office of former Hervey Bay Labor MP Andrew McNamara.

When asked how often he was in contact with Maryborough Labor MP Bruce Saunders, Cr Seymour said regularly along with "politicians of different political parties, as a councillor should be."

"(I) have never disclosed confidential information, we need to work with our state and federal representatives for the good of the region," he said.

"I believe the council needs to improve its relationship with the State and Federal Governments, regardless of which party is in power, and if I was mayor I would make this a priority.

"I think this would help us in getting more grants and assistance."

Cr Seymour said he would not rule out supporting the next Labor candidate for Hinkler in a Federal Election, but he would not use the office of mayor to campaign.

"The council looks out for the community, not the politics," he said.

"But I can still stand up for the community and what they believe in, I still have the right to my political opinions."

What are you most proud of in your time as a councillor and member of the Fraser Coast community?

In my portfolio I have done a lot to increase the breadth of cultural experiences across the Fraser Coast, including a greater range of activities at our libraries and events such as Maryborough Open House and the Urangan Pier Centenary.

I would bring to the role of mayor the same commitment that I have always had for our community.

Prior to my election to council I ran the region's youth homeless shelter where we achieved a great deal in working with disadvantaged young people to find jobs or pursue education and get their lives back on track.

I have worked as a disability support worker to help individuals and families achieve their goals and overcome obstacles.

For 12 years I have been a volunteer solicitor with the region's community legal service, providing free legal advice to people who need it.

When I became Acting Mayor after the former Mayor's dismissal my focus was on restoring stability. We have gone some way to do this, but there is more to do.