Pauline backs exclusive company only for northerners

A NEW insurance company for Queenslanders from Bundaberg to Cape York has launched in Rockhampton today with the help of Senator Pauline Hanson.

Sure Insurance company is designed to deliver affordable home and contents insurance to central, north and west Queenslanders who often fall victim to higher prices because of the risk of natural disasters.

Managing director Bradley Heath said the company would provide cover to regional Queenslanders "ripped off" by large insurance organisations.

"It's a key issue that everyone has access to insurance. This isn't a luxury item - this is something that all regional Queenslanders should have access to.," Mr Heath said.

The company, which started operating in July, has since attracted several hundred customers who saved, on average, 30 per cent of their home insurance premium.

"We are specialists. We have access to very good data and we are using that data to ensure each person is individually priced," Mr Heath said.

He said Sure Insurance gave people in the regions "a fair go" at protecting their homes and customers who made their homes more resilient to floods and cyclones received a discount.

Senator Hanson was happy to see a Queensland-based company creating competition in the insurance market.

"I like that they're focusing on an area in Queensland that is struck by disasters when flooding and cyclones occur and people are devastated," she said.

"It would've been a lot easier to go somewhere else without the higher risk but they want to look after Queenslanders. I'm totally against the multinationals coming out to Australia. They don't pay their taxes here.

"Multinationals and other companies are gouging Queenslanders."

The company, which is based online and via phone, is located in Brisbane with plans to open regional offices once they expand.

Mr Heath said they plan to address the "crisis" of overcharging regional Queenslanders for insurance and claims to save an average of $1000 a year for new clients leaving larger corporations.