PAULINE Hanson has launched a scathing attack on her minor party political rivals and says she's not worried about One Nation losing votes to them at the next federal election.

Senator Hanson said she planned to stand candidates in every electorate and did not believe her voting base would defect to other options like Katter's Australia Party or Clive Palmer's United Australia Party.

She said she believed Mr Palmer's party, which he relaunched under its new name earlier this year, was "not going anywhere".

"Clive Palmer has actually got to go and pinch candidates from other political parties, including my own ... how pathetic," she said.

"He actually had to go pinch Senator Brian Burston from One Nation so he could get registration for his party federally, so he could stand candidates.

"That's the calibre of the man."

Earlier this month it was revealed former One Nation candidate Jen Sackley had sought payment of $10,000 a month to contest the next election and had left shortly after the request was denied to join the UAP as the North Queensland secretary.

But Mr Palmer said the UAP had not announced any former One Nation candidates as UAP candidates at this stage.

Senator Hanson said she did not believe Mr Palmer would open his QNI refinery at Yabulu.

"They won't open it up," she said.

"That is a false promise to the people, it's the same old rhetoric again.

"Actions speak louder than words and Clive to me has his own agenda, his own political agenda and I tell you what I don't think it includes looking after the people."

Senator Hanson said the decision by KAP leader Bob Katter to back Senator Fraser Anning's maiden speech in which he all but called for a return to a White Australia policy was a "mistake".

"It was quite evident, (Senator Anning) was told to make his speech controversial," she said.

"He probably agrees with it but he went out there to . get the spotlight on him and Bob Katter, I cannot believe his stance.

"So Bob Katter is, I think he's truly deep down he didn't need Fraser Anning making those comments, it hasn't helped the Katter party whatsoever."

But Senator Hanson said she believed One Nation members and KAP members could work together on certain issues in Parliament.

"The people … want like-minded people to work together," she said.

"We're up against the two big party machines, those people that are doing everything they possibly can to keep the minor parties out of Parliament."