Peabody video shows contrast between resources boom, bust

IN just 18 months, an entire industry went from booming to gloomy.

The stark contrast between the top of the cycle and subsequent lull was brought into sharp focus after APN discovered a mining giant's international recruitment video sent to would-be candidates from early 2012.

The film, from Peabody Energy, starts and ends with silhouetted road-trains rushing through a shot of an outback landscape.

Peabody - which owns seven coal mines in Central Queensland - announced last week it would cut 450 contractors across its operations.

It is one of many coal companies trying to reduce costs through cutting staff, with 10,000 mining job losses estimated from Queensland and NSW alone.

In a statement at the time, a spokeswoman wrote: "Peabody regrets the impact on the contractors directly affected and is conscious of the likely impacts on communities in which we operate".

It was a long way from the "Come on over" slogan Peabody used before the industry was beset by low coal prices and increasing costs.

Its North Goonyella site general manager told the camera there "is a large amount of job security in working here" because the coal quality was so high.

Later, a worker from India explained: "When I was applying for jobs during the global depression in 2009, when every company was firing people, Peabody was actually hiring people".

Its human relations vice-president said Peabody was looking to find workers "who want to have a great future not just in Australia but with Peabody globally".

The American-based giant is not dispatching the video while international recruitment is put on hold.

Peabody did not respond to a request for comment before deadline.