LETTER: Truss should stand up to the PM on pensions

LETTER TO EDITOR: Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss has repeatedly attacked anyone who dared to suggest that pensions would be adversely affected by linking to inflation rather than the average male weekly earnings.

Yet it is true that Abbott's proposed changes to the indexation of the pension will leave pensioners up to $80 a week worse off within 10 years, according to the Australian Council of Social Services.

Just last week new research by ANU showed that if Abbott gets his way, the pension will drop from 28% of average weekly earnings today to just 16% by 2055.

These changes risk pushing pensioners into poverty and creating a permanent underclass of pensioners in Australia.

I'm wondering whether Mr Truss will ever stand up to Mr Abbott and tell him that pensioners in his electorate are not fooled by his "pensions will continue to go up twice a year" rhetoric.

We may be old but we certainly are not dumb and we can do the math.

- Deanne Lindh, Jones Hill