Jim Wedrat has been given until Friday to remove his Hills Hoist
Jim Wedrat has been given until Friday to remove his Hills Hoist

Pensioner hung out to dry over ‘eyesore’ Hills hoist

It IS not an Aussie backyard without one but Jim Wedrat's Hills hoist clothesline is giving him grief.

Jim and his son installed the line six months ago after the pensioner became fed up with his sheets going mouldy on the line provided to him by the PresCare Alexandra Gardens - an aged care facility in Rockhampton, where he lives independently. 

He said he had told the administrators about his plans and through word of mouth from centre staff, he thought he had approval.

"I gave them three months' notice that I was going to put it up - nothing," he said.

"As soon as I put it up, they called me and said it needed to be taken down."

He said "a fella down in Brisbane" told him it was an eyesore and it would need to come down.

His lease agreement does state he is not allowed to make alterations to the property without PresCares' approval.

Jim's unit backs onto a fence along Withers St. When driving past, the clothesline is not visible from the road.

He brought a single bed rug to show just how hard it was to hang larger items in the small wall mounted line (pictured), tucked away in the corner, out of the sun.

The rug was about half the size of a double and it still needed to be folded to fit on the line.

"I threw away a double bed sheet and two blankets because they couldn't get dry under here and they got mouldy," he said.

Jim Wedrat in front of his existing laundry line
Jim Wedrat in front of his existing laundry line

Jim said his discussions with an administrator have been less than pleasant.

He said he was told unsympathetically to either buy a dryer or go to a laundromat.

During his time in the village, he has tended to shared lawns and gardens, even installing reticulation lines for shared areas which also contradicted his lease but were not flagged by administrators.

But to the contrary, he was thanked for the improvements by management.

"I've spent about a thousand dollars out here (the garden) and this is the thanks I get," Jim said.

The provider's website homepage states: "PresCare's team of professionals listen to you and work with you to tailor a combination of services that suit your individual needs and budgets."

Jim reckons that couldn't be further from the truth.

PresCare were asked; besides the terms of the lease, if there were other reasons the line needed to be removed.

In a response, the provider said it expected all residents to respect and abide standards and guidelines to ensure ­residence "safety and wellbeing."

"The structure in question falls outside our standards and guidelines and we have asked for it to be removed. We provide all our residents with ample drying space via the provision of a clothesline which is the same in all our ­accommodation services," a spokeswoman said.

PresCare was sent a series of other questions that were not answered.

Jim said come Friday, the Hills hoist would remain as he awaits the consequences.