Warren Truss.
Warren Truss.

People in the bush crave stable government: Warren Truss

LABOR'S decision to dump Julia Gillard for Kevin Rudd will do nothing to help people in regional Australia, Nationals Leader Warren Truss says.

The Member for Wide Bay made the claim during an address to Coalition MPs in Canberra on Friday morning.

"The lived experience under Labor means that for regional people it doesn't make much difference - we've been ignored by both of them," Mr Truss said in what amounted to an unofficial Coalition campaign launch.

"Julia Gillard's idea of a visit to country Australia was western Sydney. Kevin Rudd has spent more time flying overseas than flying to country towns."

Mr Truss said a Coalition government would put regional Australia at the "heart of the economy and recovery".

He also claimed people in the bush were craving stable government.

In a wide-ranging address Mr Truss, who will be deputy prime minister if the Coalition wins the election, described Mr Rudd's return to the prime ministership as a "second shot at mediocrity", claiming voters would view it as a "transparent and desperate political stunt".

"Our new Prime Minister is the caption of any empty and aimless vessel, the only cargo is self-interest," he said.

Joe Hockey used his address to the meeting to also talk up the Coalition's regional credentials, making the point there was not a single farmer among Labor's federal MPs.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said in government he would want to be known as an "infrastructure prime minister", listing a range of projects a Coalition government would build including the Toowoomba bypass.