Maryborough Court House.
Maryborough Court House.

Pepper spray drawn as builder lets loose in cop car

A man involved in an incident where police had to draw their pepper spray has appeared in court.

Joseph Knight pleaded guilty in Maryborough Magistrates Court to public nuisance and obstructing police.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Kathryn Stagoll said on night of March 5, police patrolling Maryborough saw Knight sitting on a retaining wall and spoke to him about an incident earlier that night.

“They had a conversation with him and issued him paperwork, he has become argumentative and began shouting abuse at them,” she said.

Officers tried to calm Knight down but he became more erratic and was subsequently arrested for public nuisance.

While in the police car, he continued to taunt officers, making threats to injure them and then officers pulled out their pepper spray.

Sergeant Stagoll said that’s when Knight became compliant with officers and noted the pepper spray was not used in the incident.

Defence Lawyer Morgan Harris said Knight was under the influence of heavy pain medication and alcohol at the time of the offences.

“His conduct is not to be condoned, and he is regretful of his actions at the time,” he said.

Mr Harris said Knight was employed as subcontracting shed builder and a contributing member of society.

Magistrate John Milburn denounced Knight’s actions and said police needed to be protected from such offending.

Magistrate Milburn imposed a $750 fine for both offences and a conviction was recorded.