Images: Bruce Saunders MP, Member for Maryborough, Tony Perrett MP, Member for Gympie
Images: Bruce Saunders MP, Member for Maryborough, Tony Perrett MP, Member for Gympie

Perrett retaliates after being called 'nong' by MP neighbour

Letter to the Editor

The significant water price increases which could hit farmers following a Government-led review have clearly rattled the Member for Maryborough. There could be no other explanation for his latest outburst. (Gympie Times 23 May War of words over water, as Perrett called a 'nong").                                                                                                                           

The price increases, which could be as high as $44.81 per megalitre to reach the government-mandated 'cost reflective' pricing model, will affect the viability of many farms in the region.

You know the Member is in strife when he resorts to petty name calling. It is the only thing he knows and this latest rant shows just how out of touch he is.

The issues I raised were brought directly to me from the Member's own constituents. This is a concern right across the Wide Bay Burnett region and the Maryborough electorate.

The review of water prices is being conducted by the Queensland Competition Authority. It has highlighted that the Lower Mary, Bundaberg, and Upper Burnett irrigation schemes are facing significant and unsustainable price increases.

And farmers are telling me the same story about electricity prices.

The Member doesn't want to know. Instead of actually standing up and fighting for his constituents he is only known as a self-confessed "union thug." He says a lot but delivers nothing.

He supported the waste tax without exemptions for the hardwood timber industry. It threatens the viability of Gympie's and Maryborough's timber industry and will lead to possible job losses. Where does he stand on Regional Forestry Agreements?

He supported Vegetation Management laws which removed property rights and demonised farmers.

Not a word about the unworkable and insulting regulations in the Great Barrier Reef Bill. Labor announced the closure of the Agriculture Colleges and ripped funding from the School to Industry Partnership Program.

When they don't have solutions they become angry and start name calling.

Unlike the Member for Maryborough I'll never take a backward step and leave agriculture in the lurch.