Pet rego fees on Fraser Coast 'lowest per capita'

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council has responded to the Chronicle's comparison of nine different Queensland councils, which showed dog owners on the Fraser Coast were forking out more in registration fees than neighbouring communities.

Annually the Fraser Coast council charges the general public $57 to register a dog and $52 for concessions.

A discount of $20 applies to those who pay early, but neighbouring councils on the Sunshine Coast and Gympie offered further discounts and incentives for responsible pet owners.

In Gympie, residents can register a microchipped and desexed animal for free, while registering a desexed dog was $25, while the Sunshine Coast charges $13 to register a desexed and mircrochipped dog, while for concessions it was free.

A statement from the Fraser Coast Regional Council said that pet registration fees had only increased marginally across the Fraser Coast in recent years.

"An animal management benchmarking survey commissioned by the Rockhampton Council in 2016 showed Fraser Coast had the lowest cost for animal management functions per capita," the statement read.

"The survey also showed Fraser Coast has the highest number of registered dogs per 1000 people; but the lowest number of recorded dog attacks per 1000 people."

Sunshine Acres resident Ann Heywood also shared her concerns about being charged $216 to apply to have a third dog on her 10 acre property.

She said she had been a responsible pet owner for 10 years and both of her dogs are desexed, microchipped and have never left her yard.

Ms Heywood encouraged the council to rethink their pet fees and the affects it has on pet owners.

The council responded to her concerns, with a statement saying that the application process for a third dog was designed to ensure the amenity of neighbours and welfare of the dog.

"However, council is happy to review the particular circumstances for this resident," the statement read.