A petition has been launched.
A petition has been launched.

Petition calls for better mobile service on Fraser Island

FRASER Island residents have called on the State Government to support improved mobile reception on Fraser Island to help emergency services respond faster to accidents.

A petition to the House of Representatives calls for the area between Eli Creek and Indian Head on Fraser Island to be "given urgent consideration for any Commonwealth funding available to improve mobile phone reception in regional Australia."

"There is no mobile phone reception on the eastern beach of Fraser Island between Eli Creek and Indian Head, causing a significant safety concern," the petition states.

"There have been a number of serious road accidents in this mobile black spot region which incorporates three major camping grounds and seven beach camping zones.

"Valuable emergency response time is lost while those seeking help have to travel to find phone reception."

The area in question covers about 45km of the island.

Reservations manager at Fraser Island Retreat Larry Ray said it was a major issue for people who found themselves trying to get help in emergencies.

"Unless someone's got a satellite phone, it would be hard to get a hold of emergency services with an ordinary phone," Mr Ray said.

"The further up the island you go, the worse the reception gets."