PHOTOS: Couples who fish together...

WE'VE just come off a brilliant weekend, we had a lot of anglers out on the water making the most of the fine predictions.

Let's check out what was caught.

With the stifling hot days most fisho's know that it turns the barra and mangrove jack on the chew - so hitting up places such as Headlies or Kauri Creek was on the agenda.

There have been good patches of herring and prawns around so cast netting for some fresh bait is key.

The Mary River was the place to be if you were chasing a feed of bream (with some reported over a kilo). Threadfin salmon, or grunter, with some cod and blue salmon being caught in the deeper channels.

Not to mention an abundance of sharks and catfish to keep you on your toes.

As mentioned last week, we anticipated the larger boats would head far and wide to feed their reef fish appetites.

Reports from the bottom Wide Bay Bar were decent but unfortunately again there was a lot of quality fish taken by sharks - no better sign to move on to the next spot when that starts happening.

The boaties who headed northward around the gutters and beyond landed nice grassy sweet, parrot, railway perch and cobia.

And closer in toward the great sandy cape and sand flats is always a treat sight casting for large pelagics on light gear.

That'll get the heart pumping.

Something else that can get the heart pumping is watching your partner in crime catch a quality fish - so this week because of Valentine's Day we have a special couple's brag section.

Let's check out a couple of the photos that were sent through.