PHOTOS: 'Low-key' auction to become bid war for Bechtel gear

WHAT was initially supposed to be a "low-key" auction with not much stock available has dramatically changed into a full-blown Hassalls bidding bonanza, with Bechtel offloading truckloads of its pre-loved gear.

Hassalls general manager Steve Wall said such was the nature of the construction industry that Bechtel finished a stage ahead of schedule, no longer needing 30 trucks, a handful of Caterpillar trucks, air compressors, pumps and more.

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Mr Wall said while the influx of trucks might cater to a market of tradies unable to turn down a bargain, transport operators and small construction firms were expected to fall head over heels for the heavy machinery at the Gracemere auction on Wednesday.

Mr Wall, whose company has been charged with selling $36million worth of Bechtel's pre-loved gear from Curtis Island's LNG construction, said the auctions drew have increasingly drawn business owners from across the country.

He said while a date was not pinned down for the final Gladstone auction, he expected it would be about mid-October.