Mayor Paul Pisasale intends to sue election rival Gary Duffy.
Mayor Paul Pisasale intends to sue election rival Gary Duffy. David Nielsen

Pisasale sues Duffy and gives other culprits 48 hours

IPSWICH Mayor Paul Pisasale will sue Gary Duffy for defamation and has warned other keyboard warriors "they have 48 hours to get their lies off the internet or I'll see them in court too".

Mr Duffy, the failed mayoral candidate, made numerous accusations about Cr Pisasale during the election campaign, and prior to it, on social media.

Cr Pisasale's lawyers have examined the material and are confident a defamation case will succeed.

But the Ipswich Mayor, who romped to victory over Mr Duffy and Peter Luxton, has warned other individuals who have also posted defamatory comments about him, and other individuals, that they will also be in the firing line if they don't take down their defamatory posts.

"I am sick and tired of dirty and grubby politics," he said.

"There are people posting comments saying I am corrupt, my daughter is corrupt, the council is corrupt and staff are corrupt.

"It goes all around the world and embarrasses the city.

"But I say this to these people - 'you have 48 hours to take down all the lies and rumours or I will unleash the full force of the law'.

"I don't want any money.

"All money that comes from the writs will be going to charity.

"We have worked hard to protect the name of this city.

"We have a great image around the world and these keyboard warriors think they can ruin it.

"No-one is taking a stand about the bullying on Facebook that goes on around this country… well I am."

Cr Pisasale said Mr Duffy was not included in the 48 hour window of opportunity.

"I'll be seeing him in court," he said. "Gary Duffy has had nine months of warnings.

"He has hurt me. He has hurt this city and embarrassed this city.

"He has made all sorts of ridiculous and false accusations, and now he has got to justify it.

"But I say to the people who have followed him like sheep, 'you have 48 hours to take down all the defamatory comments or I will see you in court too'."

The QT is seeking comment from Mr Duffy.