Pitt will need quick fix for NBN, marine park, health

THIS year, Hinkler MP Keith Pitt will have to live to up several promises to fix mobile phone black spots, suspension of marine park areas and investment in agriculture and regional health services.

Mr Pitt, pictured, committed to an immediate suspension of marine park areas such as the Great Sandy Strait marine park.

While the park has not been suspended, the government temporarily shelved plans to ban fishing in new park areas until mid-2014.

He also promised $106 million for bowel cancer screening, health training, hospital services and allied health workers.

Wider national policies, such as the National Broadband Network and the National Disability Insurance Scheme will not happen for the Fraser Coast in 2014.

In November, Hervey Bay and Maryborough disappeared off the National Broadband Network rollout map and delays of up to two years were expected in delivering the network to the Fraser Coast.

Maryborough, Tiaro and Bauple were all originally expected to have access to the NBN by 2014.