Likelihood of terror attack is low but council has a plan

THE likelihood of a terror attack in the region is low to very low but the Fraser Coast Regional Council has a plan.

Chances are terrorists would hit a location that would affect as many people as possible, the Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Terrorism Plan states, so it would likely be an attack on water or sewerage treatment plants or dump sites.

Other possible strike zones noted in the plan included holiday locations such as the world heritage listed Fraser Island.

The plan acknowledged the likelihood of a terror attack was just 1-2 on a threat matrix scale of 1 to 10.

But should one occur within the region, the Fraser Coast Regional Council would become involved if a local government asset was damaged and to assist in recovery.

"Additionally with terrorism calculated to cause the maximum amount of damage in physical, psychological, and financial arenas, there would be a need to invoke the provisions of the Local Disaster Management Plan, to include the activation of the Fraser Coast Regional Council Local Social Wellbeing Committee," the plan noted.