Fraser Coast planning scheme sent in to get govt’s nod

THE controversial Fraser Coast Planning Scheme has had amendments made following its draft release and has now been sent to the State Government to be officially checked and approved.

The council signed off on its updated draft on Wednesday and, provided the State Government doesn't raise concerns, the scheme will be endorsed on its return.

"I can't talk about the details, it's still a confidential draft but with amendments we've got it to a stage where we're going to send it to the minister for final approval," Cr O'Connell said.

Hundreds of submissions followed a roar of disapproval when the draft plan was released earlier this year. Most of the anger was caused by the rezoning of a substantial chunk of commercial properties in Maryborough, with the business community holding public meetings and petitioning against the changes.

Councillor James Hansen said he was confident those concerns had now been met.

"That's all fine, that's all gone to what we call neighbourhood now, and neighbourhood is just another term for commercial," Cr Hansen said.

Cr Chris Loft said he would not have signed off on the document had those issues not been corrected.

Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor George Seymour was the only councillor to vote against the planning scheme.

"I don't agree with six-to-eight storeys along the entire foreshore, but also because generally I don't agree with taking away people's rights from the communities," Cr Seymour said. "It will do that by moving away from impact assessable to code assessable in a number of types of developments."

Cr Seymour said that means the public would not be notified for specific developments and would not be able to make submissions on those proposals.