A stewardess confronts the sex act couple.
A stewardess confronts the sex act couple.

'Get your hand off his ....': Mile high duo's shock sex act

A couple were detained after being filmed having sex by shocked passengers.

The man, 41, and woman, 43, had reportedly only met at a Moscow airport before boarding the plane bound for Vladivostok, eastern Russia.

According to reports, the police have accused them of being drunk and performing oral sex in economy class.

The pair face up to 15 days "administrative arrest" and a fine, according to the Russian Interior Ministry.

A female flight attendant angrily confronted the pair while filmed ordering them to stop.

"Come on, now, calm down and settle down quickly," she said.

"The plane will land and you will get out of here.

"Get your penis in your pants. Right now.

"Get your hand off his penis. Right now."

A flight attendant angrily confronts the frisky pair. Picture: East2West News
A flight attendant angrily confronts the frisky pair. Picture: East2West News

In other footage, the man is told by a fight attendant: "You know, the captain has been informed that you performed oral sex in a public place.

"There is video footage, and we will be forced to report you to police …

"You were performing unacceptable actions in a public place."

He was told: "You showed your penis to her and she touched it with her hands … all this has been filmed."

The woman did not comment on the video but the man said: "What lady? Are you mad? F**k you all."

The couple were in full view of other passengers on the eight-and-a-half hour flight by state-owned Rossiya Airlines.

Police did not reveal the names of the pair but the man was said to be from Vladivostok and the woman from Nakhodka.

They were found to be intoxicated on arrival at the destination.

Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper reported that they had met at Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow before boarding the plane, possibly in a bar.

A comment on the story read: "What else do you do on Rossiya planes to Vladivostok?

There is nothing to watch as their screens never work."

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission