Fraser Coast Council councillor Daniel Sanderson. Picture: Stuart Fast
Fraser Coast Council councillor Daniel Sanderson. Picture: Stuart Fast

PLANNING SCHEME: Council considers amendments

Repurposing historical buildings into innovative spaces like rooftop bars or function areas is something councillor Daniel Sanderson wants to see in the region.

At Fraser Coast Regional Council’s first ordinary meeting for 2021, councillor Sanderson moved a motion to see the council follow in the footsteps of Brisbane City Council who recently made amendments to their planning scheme to allow certain improvements.

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They included encouraging the provision of rooftop gardens; ensuring rooftop gardens are integrated in the overall design of buildings, supporting a green building appearance and enhancing the presentation and visual amenity of rooftops and the skyline.

As part of the current review of the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme, Cr Sanderson hoped the council would consider a similar amendment as well as the option to facilitate rooftop restaurants.

He said the Fraser Coast was experiencing an “exciting” growth period and amending the local planning scheme to encourage such development would boost the region’s level of innovation.

“We should always be looking for new and innovative ways to improve the lifestyle and liveability of the region,” he said.

Cr Sanderson expressed to his colleagues that capitalising more on the “fantastic” climate through an innovative use of outdoor space was a way to do it.

“I believe there are numerous opportunities to repurpose historical buildings across our region and add rooftop bars, restaurants or gardens into spaces that which currently get very little use, if any,” he said.

“As our region grows we have an opportunity to repurpose … what would otherwise be dead roofspace, or reimagine buildings to turn them into attractive places, where people came come together for food and drink, or other activities.

“I believe we should be more bolder, braver and encourage local people to bring forward ideas like this.”

His proposal was met with a unanimous approval.

Cr David Lee, Denis Chapman and James Hansen were just three councillors who said it was an excellent idea.

“I’ve been many places throughout the world and it certainly does make cities much more visible,” Cr Hansen said.

“We should always be encouraging innovation and harvesting ideas from other locations and inputting them in our region,” Cr Lee added.

“(It’s virtually) letting people out there know that we can be innovative,” Cr Chapman said.

Cr Jade Wellings added that the messages the council sends to developers was important to shaping the community.

“What we incentivise and what messages we send to the development industry about what can be built here is important … (it’s) what gives the developers the confidence to come forward with these opportunities.”