Government launches sports program to encourage exercise

A MOVE to get Fraser Coast families off the couch and into a sport has been welcomed by Federal Member for Wide Bay and Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

The Government's Play Sport Australia strategy identifies ways to boost participation in organised sport.

The report comes after Government research revealed that the number of Australians playing organised sport had fallen to just a quarter in recent years.

It also revealed 4.5 million Australians were interested in playing sport, but had not done so due to reasons such as time, cost and confidence.

"Statistics attribute 13,000 deaths annually in Australia to physical inactivity, with one in four children now considered overweight or obese," Mr Truss said

"The Government is addressing this by focusing on increasing physical activity amongst both adults and children," he said.

"It is important for adults to set an example for younger Australians by getting involved with sports.

"We are rightly proud of being a nation of sport lovers, however it is important that we find new ways of bringing sport and exercise back into the daily lives of Australians."

The national strategy includes an annual national sports participation survey to measure results and trends, a clearer and more transparent funding model, and the Coalition Government's new Sporting Schools program, which launches later this year.

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