READY: Wide Bay Buccaneers Sam Meyer, Tim Lunnon and Jason McEwan will play today.
READY: Wide Bay Buccaneers Sam Meyer, Tim Lunnon and Jason McEwan will play today. Mike Knott BUN081117SOCCER2

Players to make history in debut

FOOTBALL: These Buccaneers will not be afraid to attack when they need to.

Wide Bay Buccaneers coach Tim Lunnon said that will be the message he delivers to his players as they prepare to start their Football Queensland Premier League campaign.

It will be the start of a new era in football in the region today with Wide Bay's newest state team taking on the Holland Park Hawks at Martens Oval in the new competition created by Football Queensland.

Wide Bay will compete against 13 other sides vying to win promotion to the Nationals Premier League - the top level competition in the state.

Lunnon insists, despite the increased competition coming to the region, the players who have mostly come from the Wide Bay League won't be intimidated.

"We've come to play, not park the bus,” he said.

"We'll go to every game to play football.

"Best way is to put pressure on the opposition and attack with the right structures.”

But Lunnon was also cautious with expectations.

This is the first time in almost five years a Wide Bay or Bundaberg side has taken on the state's best.

And with some sides expected to be strong in the competition, it won't be easy, something not lost on Lunnon.

"Some of these guys have never played at this level,” he said.

"It's going to take a few weeks to get used to it.

"That doesn't happen overnight and will only happen when players get used to the style of the competition.”

Lunnon said the Holland Park Hawks would provide the perfect test to get them underway, despite knowing nothing about them.

"We've heard they want to be a mid-table club,” he said.

"That's the aim for us and where we want to be.

"For us we need to defensively good, keep clean sheets and and also have combinations up front going forward who create goal scoring chances.”

The side will be without four players for the clash including former The Waves midfielder Doug Fennessy but will have its defensive set-up used in the trials.

The side will play with a back four with international recruit Ben Brookfield playing in front as a defensive midfielder.

"This is Wide Bay's football team,” Lunnon said.

"We hope everyone comes on board.”

The Buccaneers play at 5pm today. Action starts with juniors at 11.30am.