LOVE A DUCK: Plucky cadet reporter risks severe damage to push-bike saving ducklings.
LOVE A DUCK: Plucky cadet reporter risks severe damage to push-bike saving ducklings. Mike Richards GLA250918DUCK

OPINION: Why I peddled into traffic to save a duck

FOLKS, I don't make a habit of pedalling into speeding traffic.

It's one of the reasons I've managed to live so long; well, that and dumb luck too I suppose.

But this week, as I was merrily cycling home from work, I saw a Ma and Pa Duck herding their seven little ducklings along the verge across the road from the duck ponds.

They must have just finished their workout on the Happy Valley play gym equipment.

"Naaaw," I said aloud.

This was followed by another word which can't be printed (but ironically rhymes with duck) as all of them ran straight onto Glenlyon Road.

It was 5.30pm and in a case of classic timing, the lights back at the Ambulance Station and the lights ahead at Breslin and Derby St intersection simultaneously changed to green.

As the cavalry charge of speeding cars approached I shouted a warning to the ducks which made them run in several different directions.

Unfortunately none of them left the road.

So I tried swearing and waving my arms which made them run in faster, tighter circles.

As usual, I'd made things worse.

Noting that the motorists weren't slowing down I made the rash decision to swing my trusty push-bike, 'Pubtruck Mk2', into the middle of the road.

Looking back on it, from the driver's perspectives I must have looked like a drunk, frizzy haired, arm waving maniac (as well as a snappy dresser in my green hi-viz coat and blue cycling gloves).

The good, actually no, the great news was, all the cars came to a screeching halt.

This gave me and the little fluffy family flock just enough time to get back off the road before the Commuter Death Race 500 took off again.

The ducks plopped into the Railway Dam for a post-near death experience paddle, while I wobbled back into the cycling lane and trundled homewards.

Word must have spread of my good deed, because the magpie which has been smashing me for the past two weeks let me pass without a second glance.

Obviously, one good duck deed deserves another.