Queensland Police Service.
Queensland Police Service.

Police find man ‘hiding in cupboard’ after being dobbed in

A BOWEN man was found by police hiding in a cupboard after he breached a domestic violence order for the second time in two days.

Police Prosecutor Senior Sergeant Jay Merchant told the Bowen Magistrates Court that the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found by police on May 12 after he was "dobbed in" by his stepfather for contravening a domestic violence order (DVO).

The DVO had been taken out against the man by his mother.

"Police were called out for a separate matter and when they arrived they found the defendant sleeping in the living room," Snr-Sgt Merchant said.

Bowen Courthouse
Bowen Courthouse

"There was a domestic violence order taken out against the man and he was in the home of the aggrieved at the time."

Police returned to the Bowen property the next day after receiving "a call for service" where they found the man hiding in a cupboard.

"Police spoke to the aggrieved and upon entering found the man hiding in a cupboard within the home," Snr-Sgt Merchant said.

"The call for service had come from the stepfather who had requested police to attend and collect something."

Duty lawyer Peta Vernon said the man did not dispute the facts of the case, but noted to the court that there was no violence in the actions.


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"The stepfather dobbed him in, but he accepts that he shouldn't have been there at the time," Ms Vernon said.

"He went back the next day as he had nowhere to go, but he has since found alternative accommodation. There was no violence whatsoever by the defendant."

Magistrate James Morton told the man he accepted there was no violence involved, were no violent actions, but he needed to make sure he understood the conditions placed on him by the DVO.

"There was a time I would never see a mother take a DVO out on their child, but I guess times have changed," he said.

"Clearly your stepfather doesn't like you, so don't go back again."

The man was convicted of two counts of breaching a domestic violence order and fined $300.