Police jobs to come out of refurbishment of M’boro station

THE refurbishment of Maryborough's police station and a new police beat van will be funded under the Labor Government's $300 million police infrastructure plan.

The plan includes an extra 2025 extra police across the state over the next five years, with improved police facilities to support 900 job.

Member for Maryborough, Bruce Saunders said the new projects are an investment in the people who live and work in Maryborough.

"They are an investment in their future," he said.

Mr Saunders said the police infrastructure projects follow a historic investment in policing in Maryborough and across the state.

The State Government has also announced 150 additional police would be deployed to the Central Police Region, which includes Maryborough, over the next five years.

"It's the biggest investment in police numbers in Queensland in more than 30 years," Mr Saunders said.

Mr Saunders also welcomed the announcement of a mobile police beat van for Maryborough.

"The new mobile police beat van will be able to be deployed right across our region.

"These mobile police beat vans will take police into the heart of our local communities, which means people will see more police more often.

"From these mobile police beats police will be able to take crime reports, victims' statements, conduct field interviews and above all, boost safety with a more visible police presence," Mr Saunders said.

Mr Saunders said all this would be at risk under the LNP.

"Unlike the LNP, these police commitments are fully funded.

"The LNP has racked up more than $26 billion in unfunded election commitments and that means cuts to policing will be back on the agenda under the LNP. How else will they fund their commitments?

"Queenslanders saw the economic and human carnage of the cuts and mass sackings under the previous LNP state government.

"They've cut before, they'll cut again. It's the only way they can fund their election commitments.

"The LNP can't be trusted when it comes to properly resourcing the police service," Mr Saunders said.

But LNP Shadow Police Minister, Dan Purdie slammed the ALP's plans for policing in Maryborough as a sham.

"For five years, the local MP has presided over a 71% increase in robberies, a 51% rise in armed robberies and an 80% jump in car theft and done nothing.

"And he's stood by idly and watched as unemployment in his area topped the nation. More people in Maryborough and Wide Bay are out of work than anywhere else in Australia.

"Now at two minutes to midnight on election eve, he's promising to refurbish the local cop shop.

"Maryborough voters are smarter than that.

"As a former detective, I know how important support is for our hardworking frontline officers.

"That's why we'll deliver more police where they're needed in Queensland," said Mr Purdie.

"And we'll support them with tough laws so that when they arrest criminals, they'll be behind bars instead of tagged and released.

"The LNP will end Labor's soft on crime approach and focus on making our communities safe for Queenslanders and their families."