PROTESTERS crashed an Ipswich City Council press conference, forcing Queensland Police to provide protection to councillors inside.  

Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt called a press conference for 11.30am at Market Square to announce the council would take the State Government's show-cause notice to the Supreme Court.  

After a smattering of protesters arrived the meeting was moved into the Ipswich Civic Centre, which the council claimed was due to "wet weather".

Protesters surround the council building.
Protesters surround councillor David Martin as he enters the Ipswich City Council building. Hayden Johnson

  Security barred the protesters from entering the centre before Queensland Police arrived.  

When the conference was over Cr Wendt made a dash to the administration centre across the road, followed by several people with placards.   

With Cr Wendt inside the administration centre, the handful of protesters began chanting   

"Ipswich has had enough, please resign now," they sang.