Queensland Police generic. Photo: File
Queensland Police generic. Photo: File

Police urge families to make new memories at home this Easter

“SIT with your children, families or housemates and make new memories at home.”

That is the message from Wide Bay Police for the Easter long weekend.

Officers are urging people to follow the advice from government and various health organisations to avoid public gatherings and observe social distancing regulations to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Acting Superintendent Pat Swindells said the book would be thrown at those who risked breaking the rules.

“If you are found to be away from your home without a valid reason you will be issued an infringement notice,” Act Supt Swindells said.

Fines of up to $1300 can be issued to people busted flouting COVID-19 regulations.

“Our advice is quite simple, stay at home,” Act Supt Swindells continued.

He said officers would be treating cases with compassion and would help educate community members about the need to follow the rules.

“But if they fail to comply they will be fined,” he said.

“The whole purpose of confinement is to help save lives.”

He warned people not to be lulled into a false sense of security because of COVID-19.

Police will be out patrolling the streets, beaches and waterways.

“Anywhere you go you should expect to see a marked police vehicle,” he said.

Act Supt Swindells said the message around road safety went hand-in-hand with the health advice.

“Again, if you don’t need to be on the roads, don’t drive. Stay at home,” he explained.

Act Supt Swindells said the unusual nature of the Easter long weekend and break from traditional holiday activities should be used to make new memories among loved ones.

“Spend quality time with those you live with,” he said.

Meanwhile, Act Supt Swindells commended Fraser Coast communities for adhering to coronavirus regulations.

“People have been doing the right thing by staying at home and following social distancing instructions,” he said.