Police warn: be wary of strangers asking for directions

DETECTIVES have urged Gympie region residents to be wary next time a stranger drives on to their property asking for directions.

The message comes after a spate of thefts from properties in the Mothar Mountain and Woondum area in recent weeks, including about $20,000 worth of tools and machinery from one address.

Detective Acting Sergeant Robert Lowry said Gympie detectives wanted to hear from anyone who recently had had unexpected visitors on their property who had "explained away their attendance at the address if they have found someone home".

He said it was possible thieves had been driving into properties to check them out.

If they found someone at home, offered up the excuse of being lost for their attendance. He said detectives wanted to hear any reports of suspicious behaviour.

"The message we would like to get out to the public is that there is a thief operating in the Mothar Mountain-Woondum area and for people to take responsibility for their property," he said.