Arthur Gorrie
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POLITICAL STRATEGY 101: When the music stops, grab a chair

SCOTT Morrison's career is assured. He has just been elected our next former prime minister.

Ex-PMs, like Malcolm Turnbull as of yesterday, enjoy a plum job with no work.

We now have seven of them, travelling at our expense, writing their memoirs in publicly funded offices.

Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien says Liberals seem motivated by ego and panic instead of issues, but the Nationals did not look so issues-driven when they sacked Barnaby Joyce over a matter of infidelity and jobs for mates - never unusual in the artificial fantasy world of Canberra.

Labor too seems committed to reading opinion polls and feeding them back to us as policy.

No-one stands for anything and no-one is fixing real problems, like electricity prices.

We export enormous coal and gas assets cut-price and switch to renewables that are not even in place yet, while shivering pensioners go to bed early, because they cannot afford heating.

Such things cannot be managed by spin alone. You actually have to do something.

Conservatives wanting a right-moderate government should have stuck with Tony Abbott and burned some coal.

Those wanting Scott Morrison possibly might have stuck with Malcolm Turnbull.