EDITORIAL: M'boro poll result could surprise all

EDITORIAL: We all knew the Maryborough electorate was going to be unpredictable in the 2015 state election - but it seems to have taken a turn not many people would have put money on.

Bookies and early polls had odds on for independent Chris Foley to win, and while he's not out of the race yet, voters don't seem convinced he could make a comeback.

While no doubt the pathology closure and TAFE downsizing have affected the chances of incumbent Anne Maddern, it's clear the race has never really been about her.

She was voted in on the back of a wave of support for the LNP, and now voters have turned their backs on Campbell Newman, it seems she hasn't hit enough home runs for the electorate to retain the seat when the tide goes out.

If Bruce Saunders gets in, he will need to be wary of the same phenomena.

He's promised a lot - a transport hub, reopening the pathology department and TAFE departments, plus a heritage museum.

In Hervey Bay, congratulations are due again to the LNP's Ted Sorensen.

He's always had a safe seat and he's still clearly got a loyal fan base - but with a 16.7% swing towards Labor, even he will need to work hard to get back in come the next election.

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