CENTENARIAN Cecilia Hynes celebrated long into the night at her birthday party on Saturday, enjoying the company of 200 guests who had come to join in on the special occasion.

"I had a marvellous time," she said.

"I stayed until the end."

Cecilia, better known in the region as Celie, will celebrate her 100th birthday at home on Tuesday with memories of her party still fresh in her mind.

Among the guests was her great granddaughter, Rose Thomas.

Born 93 years after her great-grandmother, the two share a birthday on October 10 and Rose watched on as a rose bush was planted in Celie's honour on Friday to mark her milestone.

Hers was the 17th rose bush to be added at the Elizabeth Park Rose Garden to honour a centenarian.

She also received a letter each from the Pope, the Governor-General, the Prime Minister and the Queen.

Celie admits there were a few tears when she got her message from the Pope.

The eldest of 14 children, Celie was born in Howard in 1917 and, as her father was part of the rail industry, she lived all over Queensland.