Hervey Bay Bombers beat the Bay Power for desperation as the game wore on.
Hervey Bay Bombers beat the Bay Power for desperation as the game wore on. Matthew McInerney

Power wasteful with the ball in derby loss

AUSSIE RULES: Michael Gay will never question his players' effort but the Bay Power coach has two major issues to sort to ensure his team maintains its position as flag contenders.

The Power was guilty of yet another slow start against the Hervey Bay Bombers in Saturday's 27-point loss at Norm Mclean Oval.


Bay Power captain Josh Wheeler described the game as one that matched the intensity likely to be seen in the finals.

"It just showed if you don't rock up for four quarters of football you're not going to beat anyone," Wheeler said.

"It just wasn't good enough. We need to come out and match the intensity at the start.

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"It was a good warm-up but we didn't come out to play. They were going hard at it and our boys didn't get their head over the footy.

"(The slow starts have) been happening since I came up here so it's become a bit of a trend. Hopefully we can break that trend on the way towards the finals."

Coach Michael Gay lamented that opening quarter, in which the Power was restricted to just four scoring shots.



"We'll have to work that out," Gay said. "We'll have to sit down, get the coaching staff together and a couple of the leadership boys and try to put a reason on why. It's frustrating. We do a lot of skills stuff at training We were great in patches, there were times we seamlessly moved the ball from one end to the other, but there were a lot of times we couldn't. We'd miss a handball, a mark, a kick, and turnovers will kill you."

The win cuts the Power's lead atop the table in half with four weeks left.

"The local rival, we always want to beat them," he said.

"We're more hurting over the stuff we couldn't get done on the day.

"Just work the same stuff we've been doing. We just have to be consistent for longer.

"Within the coaching staff we believe we're doing the right thing, with setups and gameplay, positional play. We just have to keep working on it.

"There's five weeks left, and we only have to do it right once.

"They should be smarting from this. Next week at training they should be ready to go and take on the next challenge in Brothers."