Councillors file formal complaints in sport precinct saga

A WAR of words has erupted among councillors with mayor Chris Loft accusing his colleagues Stuart Taylor and Daniel Sanderson of having a conflict of interest with the proposed sport precinct.

Crs Taylor and Sanderson are the respective presidents of Football Wide Bay and Football Maryborough.

At Wednesday's council meeting Cr Loft accused the two of having a conflict of interest with the sport precinct because their sport would become the "biggest beneficiary" should the project go ahead.

The mayor said he would "make a complaint" about Crs Taylor and Sanderson to the Department of Local Government.

The argument erupted only minutes in to the five-hour council meeting in the Hervey Bay chambers.

Cr Loft's public announcement that he would lodge the complaint drew Cr Taylor to lodge a complaint about the conduct of the mayor.

Cr Taylor said he and Cr Sanderson were entitled to discuss and vote on the sport precinct as they had done for the past four years.

"I have a vested interest but I don't have a conflict of interest," Cr Taylor said.

"I think it (Cr Loft's complaint) is tacky and shows poor leadership - it shows you desire to shut down debate on this issue.

"The personal attacks and the threats of reporting people to local government authorities is a bit disappointing."

Cr Loft said the issue was "all down to interpretation" of the Local Government Act, but would not elaborate on the issue.

Cr Sanderson is also considering lodging a complaint about Cr Loft's allegations against him.

"I wasn't appreciative how the matter was raised," Cr Sanderson said.

"I am reviewing the situation and will consider taking any action moving forward but a decision hasn't been made as yet."

Crs Taylor and Sanderson said they approached the Department of Local Government prior to Wednesday's council meeting about how their football presidency would impact the sport precinct discussion.

Both say they were cleared to debate the issue.

Fraser Coast Regional Council chief executive officer Lisa Desmond was "unable to confirm" if any complaints were lodged.

Complaints about councillor colleagues must go through Ms Desmond's office or to the Department of Local Government.