NSW Premier Mike Baird.
NSW Premier Mike Baird. Trevor Veale

Premier Mike Baird breaks spine falling down stairs

AN ACCIDENT involving slippery socks and a nocturnal thirst-quenching has left New South Wales Premier Mike Baird with a fractured spine.

The Premier took to Facebook to detail his injury and still managed to attend parliament to debate a proposed statewide ban on greyhound racing on Tuesday.

He posted an x-ray of his fractured vertebra alongside a description of how the painful mishap occurred.

"Note to self: when fetching a glass of water late at night, don't walk down the stairs in your socks with the lights out," Mr Baird posted.

"Diagnosis: fractured vertebra. Prognosis: slowish recovery but no need for surgery."

Mr Baird anticipated the injury would leave him open to one-liners - and Facebook users did not disappoint.

"Yeah, I know… The punchlines for this pretty much write themselves," he posted.

"Knock yourselves out (I almost did!)"

Most pun-dropping commenters opted for the easy lines - usually something about a politician actually having a spine.

The majority were also positive and wished Mr Baird a speedy recovery, although others suggested it was karma for his efforts to shut down the greyhound industry.

"Well at least you'll recover which is more than I can say for the business you destroyed in Kings Cross and surrounds and all those involved in the greyhound industry," wrote one commenter.

Mr Baird reportedly did not need to attend hospital. -ARM NEWSDESK