Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen was expected to reform in the Gulf of Carpentaria on Wednesday and Thursday according to some weather modelling.
Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen was expected to reform in the Gulf of Carpentaria on Wednesday and Thursday according to some weather modelling. Windy.com

Prepare for heavy weather as Owen gathers steam

WEATHER models confirmed overnight that Queensland would face an Oswald-like reincarnation towards the latter half of the weekend and into early next week with significant rainfall and thunder storms.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen was expected to regenerate to a severe Category Three system in the Gulf of Carpentaria by Thursday.

Upper level winds would then steer it into a 180 degree turn, pushing it back over North Queensland and then along a track down towards the state's southeast.

The expected direction mirrors that of Cyclone Oswald in late January/early February 2013, which devastated Bundaberg and caused widespread flooding across the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast cumulative falls on the Sunshine Coast of up to 155mm across Friday, Saturday and Sunday, first from an upper level low pushing up from the south of Australia and then from the impacts of Owen.

Timing and totals may vary considerably depending on Owen's movements, with forecaster Harry Clark describing cyclones as "extremely fickle".

Mr Clark said however that given the potential rainfall totals that could eventuate home owners would be wise to prepare for the worst now.

"There's a chance of significant rainfall over the weekend and into early next week," he said.

"How Owen interacts with the weather feature from the south will dictate rainfall levels."

Mr Clark said the remnants of Owen may draw energy from the upper level system where normally cyclones were fuelled by heat from the ocean's surface.

A mostly sunny Tuesday would see the daytime temperature maximum climb to 28C on a day with light winds and just the slight chance of a shower.

Expect the same on a slightly more cloudy Wednesday, before temperatures climb to 30C on a mostly-sunny Thursday with the chance of showers and thunder storms in the evening.

Winds would be light early on Thursday, then reach 15-25km/h from the northeast before shifting northerly in the evening at 15-20km/h.

A cloudy Friday would bring a high chance of rain with falls to 25mm possible in the afternoon and evening and with the chance of thunder storms.

Expect north north-easterly winds at 15-25km/h becoming light in the evening.

The Coast could see up to 40mm of rain on a cloudy Saturday with thunder storms possible and light winds.

Rainfall totals may reach 90mm on a cloudy Sunday as ex-Tropical Cyclone Owen pushes into the southeast.

Thunder storms were possible with light winds early becoming south east to south west at 15-25km/h.

Depending on Owen, Monday could be considerably wetter than the forecast of 8mm on a partly cloudy day with light winds, the chance of a thunder storm and a daytime maximum of 30C.