Principal allegedly assaulted  school mum in front of her family
Principal allegedly assaulted school mum in front of her family

Principal allegedly assaulted school mum

A FAR NORTHERN woman feared to report a sexual assault because her alleged assailant was her children's school principal, a Cairns court has heard.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty and stands trial in Cairns District Court.

The accused allegedly reached over the woman's shoulder and squeezed her breast while here husband and child watched in December 2017.

The alleged assault happened in front of the woman's child and husband in a popular cafe.

"He put his hand over her shoulder, grabbed it and shook it ... she did not give consent to it and she did not flirt with him," Crown prosecutor Aaron Dunkerton said.

The court heard the woman's husband said "what the f*** are you doing" during the alleged sexual assault.

He told the court the defendant "gave her breast a good grope, gave it a couple of squeezes"

The complainant's friend gave evidence that she later spoke of the alleged assault.

"She said that (the defendant) had grabbed her by the breast in front of her children and husband," the witness said.

"She was quite shocked by it all - she was nervous, shaking, teary, obviously distressed."

It was not until January 2018 that a report was filed with police.

The complainant gave evidence to the court.

"She regrets not reporting it to police earlier and said it a number of times," Mr Dunkerton said.

"She did not want to cause issues in their relationship; he was their school principal and it was a small community.

"She was scared, she said she was not strong enough."

Josh Trevino, defending, showed the jury text messages between the complainant's husband and the defendant's wife including one that accused him of the assault.

"How is it OK for your husband to assault my wife by grabbing her on the breast in front of my three children and I?"

Mr Trevino suggested the allegation was only made after escalating tensions between the families over another matter.

He said the accounts by the complainant, her husband and child were marked by "stark and fundamental inconsistencies."

The trial continues.