One of the trailers stolen from Albert State School in Maryborough. Photo: Facebook.
One of the trailers stolen from Albert State School in Maryborough. Photo: Facebook.

Principal angered by brazen theft at school

A MARYBOROUGH principal is desperate for two stolen trailers to be returned so his school does not have to dip into its budget to replace them.

The trailers were stolen from Albert State School over the weekend.

Principal Phil Murtagh believes the suspects knew what they were doing.

“They definitely came with the intention to steal the trailers,” Mr Murtagh said.

He told the Chronicle the culprits appeared to have entered the school grounds with the necessary tools to cut the chains securing the trailers.

A wheel lock that had been fitted to the newer trailer was also damaged and removed.

Mr Murtagh said paying to replace the trailers would require unbudgeted for funds that could rather have been spent on student enhancement programs.

“Anyone with information should contact the police,” he pleaded.

Mr Murtagh said the trailers were the first major assets stolen during his time as principal at Albert State School.

“There has been vandalism from time-to-time, but this is the most severe incident,” he said.

The trailers were vital to the daily running of the school, with the grounds staff using them to carry rubbish and make other deliveries.

“They were also used to haul camping equipment during school outings,” Mr Murtagh said.

The new, larger trailer was donated to the school by a family in 2018.

A 135-year-old heritage listed brick post was also damaged during the theft.

Meanwhile, the local community has rallied behind the school.

“I would really like to thank our online community for their support,” Mr Murtagh said.

A Facebook post asking for assistance in locating the stolen trailers was shared hundreds of times and seen by thousands of social media users in a matter of hours.

Police confirmed the incident.

Senior Constable Leigh Nancarrow said unknown offenders entered the Albert St school and stole the box trailers.

Investigations are continuing.