Prison officers pulled hair, slapped during jailhouse fight

A PRISON officer pulled the hair of a fellow female colleague and slapped her in the face in an altercation colleagues say has led to no punishment.

The Sunday Mail has been told the fight between the two women officers at Wolston jail was captured on CCTV.

A staff member not involved in the prison biff said a female officer pulled the hair of her fellow female officer inside a jail unit at the Brisbane jail during a shift last month.

The victim retaliated by pulling her colleague's hair back.

But the incident escalated and the original hair puller then slapped the officer in the face, according to sources.

The victim is understood to have made a complaint to superiors and ethical standards has launched an investigation.

It's unclear what sparked the incident however some staff have questioned why no one has been stood down or suspended.


A cell block at Wolston Correctional Centre. Picture: Liam Kidston.
A cell block at Wolston Correctional Centre. Picture: Liam Kidston.


"Everyone is wondering why nothing has happened,"an officer told The Sunday Mail.

"Where is the consistency? It doesn't make sense.

"When there is an incident with a an inmate you get automatically stood down but when it is between two staff members there is a different set of rules.

When asked about the incident and why no one had been stood down a Queensland Corrective Services spokesman said: "As the matter is under active investigation, it is not appropriate to comment further at this time."

A prison officer with an unblemished record was accused of "unnecessary use of force" and was suspended at the jail last year after a run-in with an alleged car jacker whose leg was amputated after leading police on a 200km pursuit.

Dylan Matthew Hammond was shot by specialist police on the Bruce Highway and hit by a caravan which led to his leg being amputated, before he was refused bail and held in custody.

The officer's colleagues claimed Hammond threatened staff at the jail and the officer had tried to get a broom off Hammond.

His colleagues said he was informed of his suspension when QCS sent out a press release.

Officers yesterday said his matter was still not resolved.

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