The young man has an extensive criminal history for his age.
The young man has an extensive criminal history for his age. John Gass

Prisoner wrapped up in anti-suicide smock, attacks cell

A YOUNG man with an extensive criminal history for his age filled with violence, stealing and dishonesty offences will remain behind bars and have another prison sentence hanging over his head when he is eventually released.

Adam Scott Marshall, 23, from Blackstone pleaded guilty to seven charges including wilful damage of police property, possess drug utensils or pipes, possessing something used in the commission of a crime, evading a fare and stealing in Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Prosecutor, Senior Constable Bernard Elmore, said the most serious offences, the wilful damage charges, occurred while Marshall was held at the Ipswich Watchhouse on October 11, 2018.

While in a holding cell, he spat at security cameras three times and became aggressive, kicking the door and punching walls.

He was moved to another cell and viewed to be a danger to himself, issued with an anti-suicide smock.

Marshall proceeded to rip the smock off and ripped it by putting his foot through it.

Lesser offences included stealing alcohol in Gladstone on September 18 and he was found with drug utensils while enjoying a ride on a train he didn't pay for.

He committed the most recent batch of crimes while on a parole order and the court heard he had been in custody since October.

Defence barrister Geoffrey Seaholme said Marshall completed up to Year 9 at Murgon State High School but fell into a bad crowd after leaving school.

He said Marshall, who had done occasional labour work, suffered from ADHD and anxiety and had struggled with an ice addiction.

Mr Seaholme said Marshall did not have a parole eligibility date and was slated for full time release from prison in November next year.

Magistrate David Shepherd sentenced him to a two-month prison sentence, to be wholly suspended for three years, and come into effect once he is out of jail.

Lachlan McIvor