Project star’s heartbreaking confession


Melbourne's unprecedented stage 4 coronavirus lockdown is taking a toll on every resident of the city - including the hosts of The Project.

Panellist Steve Price couldn't keep his emotions at bay during Monday night's episode after a story about the tough new lockdowns designed to get coronavirus back under control in Victoria, where infections have spiralled out of control in recent weeks.

"It feels so much different this time, doesn't it. I feel sad, I feel anxious … I feel sad for all of the businesses that aren't going to recover. I feel very anxious for the state that I've spent much of my life living in, that many of the things we take for granted may never come back. The first time around it was sort of unique; we didn't really know what it was going to be like. Now we know what it's going to be like, and you can't see an end," he said.


Steve Price opens up.
Steve Price opens up.


Carrie Bickmore consoles Steve.
Carrie Bickmore consoles Steve.

Host Carrie Bickmore confessed things had become tougher in her household, as she'd noticed her children "really struggling for the first time".

"(They have) this feeling of, 'What is this world we're living in?' And maybe looking at us for comfort, but we've stopped being all, 'We'll be right,'" she said.

A devastated-looking Price made a confession about his own family situation.

"My mother's in her late 80s; I've seen her once this year. She's in the zone where anything could happen. I just feel gutted that I might never physically see her again. It's awful. It's awful," he said, as his co-stars rushed to console him.


Coronavirus press conferences have become a grim routine for Victorians. Picture: Ian Currie/NCA NewsWire
Coronavirus press conferences have become a grim routine for Victorians. Picture: Ian Currie/NCA NewsWire

"Oh, Steve … You have to have hope that at the end of this we will get on top of it, and you will be able to see her. That's the sort of stuff you have to look to; you can't think like that," Bickmore said.

Co-host Waleed Aly agreed: "There's every chance you will see your mum in the not-too-distant future."

"I hope so, 'cos it just breaks my heart," Price said.

"It would break anybody's heart - but we can do this. We can," Aly said.

Melburnians now live under some of the strictest lockdown conditions in the world, as the Victorian Government battles to contain hundreds of new coronavirus infections every day. With The Project filmed in Melbourne, expect to hear more honest accounts of life back under lockdown from the show's hosts in the weeks ahead.

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