ELECTRIC HIGHWAY: Childers will have its very own fast-charging electric stations.
ELECTRIC HIGHWAY: Childers will have its very own fast-charging electric stations. Contributed

Projects to power Childers economy

THE past 12 months have provided a positive focus on the Childers district and divisional representative deputy mayor Bill Trevor is predicting bigger and better things in 2018.

Cr Trevor said it was beneficial that the council had implemented key staff movements for the district with a construction gang being reintroduced to Childers and a permanent parks and gardens officer stationed in Woodgate.

"These positions provide immediacy to issues requiring prompt attention and negate the need for staff to travel out of the Bundaberg depots,” Cr Trevor said.

"I am extremely excited regarding one new business that is unfolding in the Childers area and which will become apparent in the early months of the new year.

"It involves an industry that will employ up to 50 people immediately and has the potential to grow to 200 jobs over a four-to-five year period.

"A local avocado packing shed will also double in size in 2018 creating more employment and production opportunities.

"I am certain the residents of Buxton are delighted with the news that $170,000 will be spent in widening the last remaining section of Buxton Road as well as $280,000 being invested in lifting a section of floodway into the new Buxton area.”

Cr Trevor said Childers will also be a part of the electric super highway.

Charging ports for electric cars will be located in the Crescent Street area.

"The introduction of Crescent Street as an RV Friendly Park has certainly attracted mobile home owners who are utilising the facility to the benefit of local business operators,” he said.

"More than one million dollars will be invested in small and medium sized projects across Childers and district with the community benefiting from the State Government's Works 4 Queensland funding model.”

Cr Trevor said the W4Q funding had resonated with a host of smaller, but nonetheless important projects receiving funding.

"Missing links of sealed roadway, road widening and footpath construction have been rolled out and it is these types of projects that add to the liveability of where people choose to reside,” he said.

Cr Trevor said he was pleased to report $4 million in projects identified for the Childers region in 2017/18 budget were progressing.

"Major upgrades to the Childers and Woodgate Waste Water Treatment Plants have been scheduled for completion in the next few months,” he said.

He was also confident projects like the heating of the Childers Pool to allow for all-year usage would also happen.

"We have an aged demographic in Childers that can certainly benefit from the extended availability of the pool,” he said.

"The Childers region is positioned to take advantage of some very influential projects including the proposal by the Isis Central Sugar Mill to extend its tramline operations through to the Wallaville area.

"Work is also progressing on the proposed solar farm on the southern outskirts of Childers. This $210 million investment by Childers Solar Farms Pty Ltd involves the installation of 400,000 solar panels.

"There is momentum right across the Bundaberg region.”