The intersection at Alice and Harwood streets.
The intersection at Alice and Harwood streets.

Proposal to widen road at ‘dangerous’ intersection

A PROPOSAL to widen the intersection at Alice and Harwood streets in Maryborough is being developed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

This is despite a spokeswoman saying there were "no safety concerns" regarding the intersection.

Maryborough's Chris White raised concerns about the intersection.

He works nearby and told the Chronicle he heard screeching tyres every week, signalling another near miss at the intersection.

With no turning lane, vehicles often had to stop abruptly when a car was trying to turn into Harwood St, he said.

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"We often hear the sounds of a car locking up to avoid another car," Mr White said.

Mr White said the sun was glaring at the intersection and often drivers failed to see cars waiting to turn.

The scariest moments came when it was a truck trying to stop, especially during cane season.

But a spokeswoman said the intersection had a good safety record.

"There is a good safety record and we have no safety concerns about the Alice and Harwood streets intersection," she said.

"To improve traffic flow, we are developing a proposal to widen the intersection and allow motorists to pass around right-turning traffic.

"We will keep the community informed as the proposal progresses."

Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders said he was fighting to see upgrades along Alice Street, including the installation of traffic lights at the intersection of Alice and Pallas streets.