QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane and Resources Minister Matt Canavan enjoying a sea of coal at the Port of Brisbane.
QRC chief executive Ian Macfarlane and Resources Minister Matt Canavan enjoying a sea of coal at the Port of Brisbane.

Adani mocks protesters for using cars

ANTI-coal protesters in a convoy of cars travelling from Tasmania to Adani's Carmichael megamine in central Queensland could not even reach the mainland without coal, according to miners.

Thousands of ecowarriors are planning to join former Greens leader Bob Brown's 2600km trek across the country next month for what's been billed as a public showdown with the coalmining industry.

But Queensland Resources Council chief executive Ian Macfarlane said the "stop Adani" convoy would not even make it off Tasmania without coal, which was used to forge the steel in the cars and power the electric batteries.

"If it wasn't for coal, this anti-jobs campaign would need to cross the Bass Strait in a wooden boat then walk to the Galilee Basin," he said.

"If these activists truly wanted a coal-free future they would have no choice but to end the journey immediately.

"If they continue then their anti-jobs, anti-regional growth claims will have a very hollow ring to them."


The activists have downplayed the convoy's reliance on fossil fuels by pledging it would be "headed by electric cars" however analysis of car manufacturing and electricity production highlight it will still be a huge drain on resources.

Even the greenest of convoys would require tonnes of coking coal to forge steel, thermal coal for electricity production, copper, aluminium and bauxite.

A convoy of 100 Tesla Ss and 100 Toyota Priuss would represent a small mountain of about 950 tonnes of those resources, which are all mined in Queensland.

Mr Macfarlane said about 80 per cent of Queensland's electricity was powered by fossil fuels with the majority sourced from coal.

On those figures, an electric vehicle running only on renewable fuel would go flat somewhere around Melbourne, 455km into the 2,628km journey.

A Tesla Model S electric vehicle would have to wait much longer to charge if it was only drawing on renewable energy.
Renewable energy already generates more power than fossil fuels but must compete with taxpayer-subsidised fossil fuels.

"Once again, it's a case of do as we say, not do as we do for anti-mining activists," Mr Macfarlane said.

"But you can't avoid the facts for long. And the facts are this convoy of cars are not only powered by coal but they are built with coal."

Mr Brown did not respond to a request for comment.

He has previously said the activists would not "cop it from the radical powerbrokers who put coal before coral".

Anti-Adani protesters have been challenged to drop all coal-related products and energy sources from their lifestyles.
The protesters are using electric cars to convoy to the region.

"There will be outrage about us not being at work, driving petrol-burning cars - in fact, our stop Adani convoy's vanguard of electric cars will challenge the government to catch up with comparable countries in facilitating non-petrol vehicles - or simply our being greenies, do-gooders or a threat to big corporations," he told The Saturday Paper.