WE SAY: Protestors need to be respectful

WE SAY: IF only people could learn to get their views across in a civil way.

While yesterday's protest certainly didn't plumb the dark depths humans have in the past to make their point (something that actually has much in common with the topic of religions), from most accounts it was far from a peaceful and respectful meeting of the minds.

While it is important for any civil society to have their say on subjects that could change a way of life, or at least the perception of it, it is just as vital to do so in an easily-understood, well thought-out and considered way.

How is people screaming at one another achieving anything positive?

When people try to make statements through ugly scenes, the message is often lost or misunderstood and nothing is gained.

To achieve anything at a protest, such as the one we saw yesterday, there must be a willingness to listen and be educated (or show a clear understanding of what is being protested) before making judgements.

The simple fact that participants refrained from letting some obvious anger spill over into more than a war of words is not to be commended.

We can do better.

We owe it, not just to ourselves, but also to future generations.