More than 200 complaints of anti-social behaviour a week are being made about Queensland public housing tenants, with dozens evicted as a result.

The Housing Department fielded 10,901 complaints in 2019-20, the equivalent of about one complaint for every six homes managed by the Queensland Government.

But the total number of complaints reduced by a significant 26 per cent from the previous financial year, when there were 14,817 lodged.

There were 33 instances of wilful or malicious damage identified in public housing in 2019-20, with the total damages bill reaching $61,770.

"The department actively pursues payment of debts resulting from wilful or malicious damage from tenants and ex-tenants," a Housing Department spokesman said.

"Most tenants take good care of their homes and, as with any tenancy, it's only reasonable to expect a degree of wear and tear to a property while it is occupied."

From the more than 10,000 complaints made about anti-social behaviour in 2019-20, 1785 breach notices were issued to tenants.

The department spokesman confirmed 67 tenants were evicted "as a result of their behaviour" in the last financial year.

"The department has strong behaviour management policies in place to ensure social housing tenants meet their obligations to pay rent, look after their properties and are good neighbours," he said.

"These are fundamental responsibilities of any tenant in Queensland, whether in a public or private tenancy."

The spokesman attributed the fall in complaints to what they said was the government's focus on delivering "person-centred services" under the Queensland Housing Strategy, which aims to keep people in their tenancies and prevent homelessness.

"The Fair Expectations of Behaviour Policy involves working with people proactively, resolving difficult situations early and partnering with other government and community support agencies," he said.

It was revealed last month that there were 16,270 applications of very high need on the social housing register as of September - a jump of 50 per cent from the same time the year before.

Originally published as Public housing: One in six cops complaints