Qld gives IDES marching orders

THE Queensland Government has announced that it is dumping its Identity, Directory and Email Services (IDES) program.

The program, to deliver a centralised email, identity management and authentication service for the Queensland Government, was announced in 2007. Tenders were put out for these services in 2008. The budget was set at over $252 million for a ten-year period and it was hoped that the project would result in savings of $182 million, over a 10-year period.

As the first part of the project, all existing Microsoft Exchange installations were to be replaced by a whole-of-government email service (based on the new Exchange 2007 suite). Some 80,000 email accounts and up to 250,000 identities were to be migrated to the new system by June 2010.

To date, however, only 3100 users are currently using the centralised email service, and only $47.3 million has been spent.

Delays plagued the program, almost from the beginning. The initial pilot, which was supposed to involve 5000 staff, did not get off the ground on time because of delays in selecting project components. In 2010, then state ICT Minister Robert Schwarten said that completion of the project would be delayed until 2012.

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