ARE YOU PREPARED?: Firefighters battle a grass fire at Biloela late last year.
ARE YOU PREPARED?: Firefighters battle a grass fire at Biloela late last year. Andrew Thorpe

Queenslanders 'least prepared' for natural disasters

WITH a scorching summer underway, it's time to prepare for natural disasters.

Seventeen per cent of Queensland residents say they aren't prepared in the case of a bushfire, cyclone or flood - more than any other state, according to new research conducted by comparison website

Thirty-two per cent of 2010 people surveyed said they looked to fire extinguishers to protect them, with similar numbers relying on emergency kits (32 per cent) and evacuation plans (28 per cent).

One respondent said they "just get in the car and go".

But the research showed the most popular form of natural disaster protection for Queenslanders was home insurance, with 64 per cent of respondents saying they had a policy in place.

Gen Y are by far the most likely to feel unprepared for natural disasters, at 26 per cent, compared to just 9 per cent of Baby Boomers who felt the same way.

Renters also felt far more unprepared than home owners, at 28 per cent to 8 per cent respectively.'s Bessie Hassan told The Observer the numbers were concerning.

"Even smaller measures such as planning an evacuation strategy or buying a fire blanket can be of use if something does go wrong," Ms Hassan said.

"Gladstone residents should make sure to clear out their gutters, remove leaf litter from gardens, and prune overhanging trees.

"Those who live in a fire zone may pay higher premiums but homeowners can seek better deals by comparing policies online."