Plans and artists' impressions for Asterion's medicinal cannabis farm, outside Wellcamp Airport.
Plans and artists' impressions for Asterion's medicinal cannabis farm, outside Wellcamp Airport. Contributed

Questions over Asterion medicinal marijuana farm

TOOWOOMBA Regional Council's planning department has requested further information from Asterion over its proposed $500 million, 71 hectare hi-tech medicinal marijuana farm at Wellcamp.

The council is seeking more detail on a range of issues, from water use to staging, flood risk, waste management, traffic impacts, and more.

Asterion, through town planners Precinct Urban Planning, lodged its development application for the project with the council in May.

Council representatives met with members of Asterion's project team recently and work is under way to respond to the council's various requests.

Among the council's requests for Asterion was for the company to provide a water supply report, "outlining water demand for the development and how water will be supplied on-site".

Explaining its request, the council noted that the development application advised the cannabis farm would be connected to both the Wellcamp Business Park bulk water supply and an on-site water supply.

The council said it required further information about water demand and how water would be supplied on site, given water supplied under the Wellcamp Busines Park Bulk Water Supply Agreement was intended for urban use within the business park and not for intensive horticulture.

In its development application, Asterion noted it would have extensive rainwater harvesting capabilities from the farm's large roof areas, and that irrigation water demand would be "quote moderate" as "the air conditioning condensate contributes largely to irrigation requirements".

It is expected Asterion will be able to provide answers to all of the council's questions within the next four to six weeks, allowing the assessment process for the DA to continue.

The project is expected to create more than 1000 jobs and inject up to $1 billion into the Toowoomba and Australian economies.

The farm's product, estimated at 500 tonnes of dried cannabis a year, will be exported internationally via Wellcamp Airport