NOT ON: Graffiti with racist language was sprayed on the Orara Way
NOT ON: Graffiti with racist language was sprayed on the Orara Way

OUR SAY: Racism there for all to drive over

THIS morning on the way to work I was unlucky enough to stumble across some of the most vile graffiti I have ever seen.

I saw the original spray painted Aboriginal flag last night when I drove home, so when I saw all that spray paint on my way in this morning I had a rough idea about what might be written.

I would consider myself a pretty cynical person so I was somewhat surprised at how awful the words on the road were and I questioned whether photographing it was the right thing to do.

And can you guess what came into my head next? That's right, Brenton Tarrant.

My mind instantly raced to the comments by some people that just couldn't quite understand why outside media would think his ideas could have been formed here in Grafton.

As much as we all want to put the man and his actions out of our heads, we can't because the dark reality is that his racist and bigoted views are reflected in some areas of the local community, as they are all over Australia.

Many people think that by publishing these photos we are somehow promoting their views but I fundamentally disagree.

People won't be convinced to join a white supremacist cause by seeing graffiti, they will be convinced through the conversations they have with others like their partners, friends or family.

We are not espousing the views of a neo-nazi, we are showing people the dark reality that there are already people here who believe the insanity and the lengths they will go to denigrate the Aboriginal people of the Valley.

And might I add, this is representative of the lived experience of many in Australian society.

I believe that by not showing the pictures we are letting some people off the hook, those people who still think Grafton has nothing to do with the actions of that maniac in Christchurch.

I believe if we didn't print the photos (which weren't the worst ones) we could all go on our merry day thinking things just weren't that bad.

Finally, in printing these photos, there is the slim chance that a partner, friend or family member will see them and wonder what their partner, friend or family member was doing last night.

And call them on it.