CONVICTED: Kevin John Peace, 25 of Caboolture was fined $1000 plus another $750 in court costs after his two bull arab pig dogs attacked a young 10-year-old boy in Rainbow Beach earlier this year.
CONVICTED: Kevin John Peace, 25 of Caboolture was fined $1000 plus another $750 in court costs after his two bull arab pig dogs attacked a young 10-year-old boy in Rainbow Beach earlier this year.

Boy mauled trying to save pet from bull arab attack

TWO bull arabs had to be put down and their owner made to pay $1750 in fines and court costs after they mauled a 10-year-old boy and his dog at Rainbow Beach.

Gympie Magistrates Court heard this week the boy was walking his pet bull terrier with his twin brother on May 26 when the two dogs came upon them at the corner of Karoonda Crescent and Carlo Rd.

When the dogs went for the boy's pet they turned on him, leaving him with multiple puncture wounds and cuts. The boy was hospitalised for 24 hours on intravenous antibiotics and had another seven days on antibiotics, the court heard.


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Kevin John Peace, 25, of Caboolture was convicted of failing to control his dogs or of ensuring they did not attack or cause fear.

Representing Gympie Regional Council, Greg Wildie told the court Peace (who was not required to appear) was remorseful, apologetic and had the two dogs destroyed once he was told about the incident.

The court heard Peace had dropped his two dogs off at his mate's Rainbow Beach place about 6am that day and gone fishing.

Drew Anthony Gardiner, 38, of Rainbow Beach is Peace's mate and another defendant in the case. He pleaded not guilty to the same charges when he appeared on Thursday.

" … At 11.45am, the two dogs together with the dog identified of the friend were wandering at large at Karoonda Crescent and Carlo Rd," Mr Wildie said.

"The two dogs, Mate and Rex, were observed running across the road and commenced to circle the boys and their dog. The dogs have then attacked the boys' dog, coming in from behind and in that, attacked the boy who was also injured.

"Witnesses described the dogs as being in full fight mode - they were barking and growling."

The boys' dog suffered puncture wounds to its right hind leg and was taken to the vet, but has since recovered.

Peace collected his dogs that afternoon and was told they had attacked a young boy. He went to Woodford and had them both destroyed, the court was told.

"Peace immediately contacted the victim to see what he could do to assist," Mr Wildie said.

"He has done as much as he could, if anything his real failure was to make sure the dogs were left somewhere they were secure."

Magistrate Chris Callaghan read Peace's submission to the courtroom.

"I arrived at Rainbow Beach for a fishing trip with friends along with my two dogs, Mate and Rex, and dropped them at a friend's who had a secure back yard. I accessed the backyard via a sandtrap," he said.

"A while later I received a phone call advising me of the incident. I felt immediately remoresfuland continued to drive to my father's property in Woodford where I destroyed the two dogs knowing this would be council's expectation and not wanting any reason for this to escalate.

"I contacted the family and showed them my empathy and concern and at no point was there any anger or blame shown. The family presented me the bill of $509 for fuel and accommodation and the vet bill and I paid these immediately.

"None of the dogs have ever shown any signs of aggression and were always socialised and exercised. I have not since bought a new dog and do not plan to in the future. Should I own a new dog in the future I will ensure the extra precaution is taken to ensure my dogs are always secured and not showing any signs of aggression."

Mr Callaghan said he commended Peace for taking immediate action following the attack, but reiterated it was a "very dangerous situation."

Peace was fined $1000, plus $751 costs.

No conviction was recorded.

Mr Gardiner was remanded to appear at the Gympie Magistrates Court on December 19 for a review of the matter.