RAIN RELIEF: How much fell across Fraser Coast

THE Fraser Coast has received its first much-needed soaking in months overnight, with storms and showers setting in across the region.

In Maryborough 19mm was recorded overnight and Hervey Bay received a total of 17mm, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

But in other parts of the region, the rain was even heavier.

At Takura 54mm of rain was recorded, while 61mm fell at Torbanlea.

About 53mm fell over Lenthalls Dam and 36mm was recorded at Black Swamp Creek.

At Booral Rd 22mm of rain fell, while 17mm fell at Ghost Hill.

At Teddington Weir, 13mm of rain was recorded.

In Owanyilla, 14mm was recorded while 16mm of rain fell at Bidwill.

A spokesman from the Bureau of Meteorology said the last band of showers would pass through the region on Saturday morning with conditions likely to clear up after that.

Temperatures on the Fraser Coast are expected to reach between 24 to 26 degrees, with temperatures to be in the mid to high 20s on Sunday.